What the best British vet said avoid this dog food at all costs

void this dog food at all costs Before the pandemic, it was the best time ever to be a human. We lived longer, combated less, and had more opportunities than our forefathers. This is the world that we wish to return to soon.

What about dogs? For them, these years are quite potentially the worst time to be alive.

We Love Our Dogs – So Why Do We Deal with Them So Badly?

970,000 UK canines suffer from psychological health issues.
Over 85% of canines display “problem behaviours”, consisting of:

Eating lawn or poo
Continuous barking
Furniture chewing
And separation anxiety
Unwanted behaviours are behind a third of canine deaths under the age of 3.
Behaviour concerns have actually risen by 25% in the past 2 years.
Psychological health has actually ended up being the most significant issue dogs deal with today.

avoid this dog food at all costs

All the research study agrees. UK dogs today struggle with more behaviour issues than ever. What the best British vet said avoid this dog food at all costs

And canine behaviour specialist Dr Michael Lazaris states the pandemic has actually exposed a crisis that’s been developing for years.

Dr Lazaris has actually treated over 15,800 pets in the past 10 years. He’s seen how our dogs are suffering, first-hand.

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