One Lady’s Extraordinary Rise to Fame After Dropping a Massive 420 lbs

Lexi Reed from Terre Haute, Indiana, fell right into this bracket, as did her other half, Danny. With each other, they chose enough was adequate as well as gotten started on an extraordinary fitness and healthy eating program that totally changed their lives. This pair’s tale of the resolution, hard work, and also dedication shows that anything is feasible if you establish goals as well as make every effort to accomplish them– as well as together, they have actually inspired and inspired many people around the world to comply within their steps and also transform their lives around for the far better.

A Heavy Begin to Life

From a young age, Reed had had problems with her weight. She had constantly been physically extra significant than uneasy and ordinary about it– however, regardless of exactly how hard she tried, she was unable to shed the excess pounds.


By the time she was simply 25 years of age, she had actually considered 392 extra pounds. Feeling as though her obesity was affecting her expert and also personal life– along with her health– Lexi was exceptionally miserable. Enough was enough.

Discovering That Special Someone

There was no denying that Lexi’s weight was a concern, so she chose to make an adjustment. She was determined to enjoy herself and be happy with what she saw in the mirror. Little did she understand that she was about to fulfill Danny, as well as her life, would drastically alter.


Their connection was immediate as well as went far deeper than physical appearance– Lexi made sure that Danny really did not find her weight a problem. He made it clear that he enjoyed whatever about her. There was, nonetheless, still one problem.

Pushed to the Limits

Danny was likewise very overweight– at 280 extra pounds, his lifestyle was unhealthy, and also Lexi was worried. He ate a great deal of unhealthy food and also hardly ever did any kind of exercise, and this really did not aid Lexi with her oath to turn her life around.


Prior to she recognized it, the couple was consuming unhealthily as well as remaining a great deal inside. They were still putting on weight– and it was starting to leave control. Something had to change– and quick.

An Unhealthy Partnership with Food

Lexi’s story began to get appeal worldwide as well as, when speaking with PopSugar, she confessed that she had a dependency on junk food that began when she was young, and also her parents would avoid cooking fresh and also nourishing food and instead go with refined food.


This continued right into her grown-up life, and she started to become a psychological eater, depending on food in all types of scenarios. Whether she was sad or happy, angry or stressed, she would find comfort in consuming.

A Love with Limitations

Even though Lexi and also Danny were ideal for each other to a psychological degree, they knew that they weren’t a “regular” pair and that something was lacking in their partnership.


They just weren’t able to appreciate doing things together as various other pairs were– they were incapable even to take a romantic stroll with each other not to mention doing anything that called for physical exertion. All they did was stay within.

A Life-altering Inquiry

But whatever was about to transform for both of them. Danny asked Lexi a question that

would certainly modify their lives– he asked her to wed him. Lexi really did not even need to consider her answer– he was the only person she intended to be with.


As they started to intend their wedding celebration, Lexi began to fret about her weight a lot. She was now 485 extra pounds as well as trying to find a bridal gown that fit her shapes and size was mosting likely to be a big struggle.

Looking to the Future

Despite her fears, Lexi stayed positive and also continued searching up until she found the best bridal gown. Their big day was specifically just how they dreamed it would certainly be, and also they were delightfully pleased.


Thinking ahead to what the future might hold for them, the couple began going over having kids. They needed to be sensible– medically speaking, it was doubtful that Lexi would certainly get expecting while she was so huge.

Constrained to Life in Indiana

The thought of not being able to have youngsters tormented Lexi as well as Danny, yet that wasn’t it. Lexi desired for taking a trip throughout the country to check out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, as she was a massive fan.


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