Best Abdominal Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of Try it now

‎‏”Chapter 1
Double Ab Crunch

Coach Hussam Tips
Timing and balance is everything. Don’t get upset if you can not perform this exercise right at first. What helps me is starting the movement with the knees coming to my chest first vs my chest going towards my knees. The next part is maintaining a rhythm. I would recommend, depending on your body type, to extend your arms towards your legs for distributing your weight as needed.”

“Chapter 2
Elevated Hip Raise

Coach Hussam Tips
It’s important to start this exercise in the right position. Make sure your head, back, butt, and arms are supported on the ground with palms facing downward. It may help to have your arms slightly further from your hips if you are having trouble balancing left and right. Legs should be above you, and a slight bend in the knees is ok. When elevating your hips, try to prevent swinging as that removes the isolation of the core and the benefits are lost.

‎‏”Chapter 3
Extended Side Plank

Coach Hussam Tips
Now try not to do what I did and have my hips a little too high. This movement can be tricky because when you extend your arms to the side, it throws your balance off. You can offset it by spreading your feet a little wider than hip-width. The wider the easier. As you get more comfortable you can slowly have your feet closer in and this will trigger the core to work harder to maintain your balance in the plank.

“Chapter 4
Hip Bridge Hold

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