Best Abdominal Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of Try it now

‎‏”Chapter 1
Double Ab Crunch

Coach Hussam Tips
Timing and balance is everything. Don’t get upset if you can not perform this exercise right at first. What helps me is starting the movement with the knees coming to my chest first vs my chest going towards my knees. The next part is maintaining a rhythm. I would recommend, depending on your body type, to extend your arms towards your legs for distributing your weight as needed.”

“Chapter 2
Elevated Hip Raise

Coach Hussam Tips
It’s important to start this exercise in the right position. Make sure your head, back, butt, and arms are supported on the ground with palms facing downward. It may help to have your arms slightly further from your hips if you are having trouble balancing left and right. Legs should be above you, and a slight bend in the knees is ok. When elevating your hips, try to prevent swinging as that removes the isolation of the core and the benefits are lost.

‎‏”Chapter 3
Extended Side Plank

Coach Hussam Tips
Now try not to do what I did and have my hips a little too high. This movement can be tricky because when you extend your arms to the side, it throws your balance off. You can offset it by spreading your feet a little wider than hip-width. The wider the easier. As you get more comfortable you can slowly have your feet closer in and this will trigger the core to work harder to maintain your balance in the plank.

“Chapter 4
Hip Bridge Hold

Coach Hussam Tips
Not the most desirable looking exercise but very functional. To make this exercise a little easier, you can have your arms slightly wider for balance. When holding the position at the top, it’s important to have your hips fully open. The way you know it’s fully open is by squeezing your butt. During this movement, you want to keep those hips fully open and flex your butt at the same time if need be.

“Chapter 5
Leg Raise Crunch

Coach Hussam Tips
If you thought the double crunch was difficult, this might be up there also. Just remember in this exercise, the starting position is difficult to hold in itself. Legs are already 6” – 8” off the ground. When starting, I like to use the momentum of my knees bending in and chest following. If your timing is off with this, simply return back, reposition, and try again. With time, you’ll get this one.

‏”Chapter 6
Mountain Climber Flex

Coach Hussam Tips
One key thing in this movement is for your entire body to return to a perfectly straight line before the next movement starts. When your leg comes to your chest, try not to let it hit the ground. Another common issue is don’t let your head drop. It’s tempting to look at your knee but keeping your head neutral is the best way.

‏”Chapter 7
Reverse Crunch

Coach Hussam Tips
A couple of notes on the reverse crunch. During the movement, it’s ok to let your toes touch the ground. This makes sure you have the largest range of motion possible. Just don’t let your entire foot hit the ground unless you need a break. Now when you are flexing your abs and your knees are coming to your chest, make sure you also go high enough where your butt is lifted off the ground. The range of motion is key in this movement.

‏”Chapter 8
Rotational Plank

Coach Hussam Tips
Yes again, I know my hips are a bit high in this also. Keep your hips about 1” lower. During this movement, if you are having trouble with the rotation because of balancing issues, you can always spread your feet out a little wider to form a triangle vs a straight line. When you get more efficient at the exercise, then you can slowly move your feet in.

‏”Chapter 9
Russian Twist

Coach Hussam Tips
Holding the Russian twist starting position is good on its own. Your feet are off the ground keeping your core tight and the rotation from your arms going from one side of your body to the other is the icing on the cake. Speed is needed for balance and so is a rhythm. If your butt starts to hurt after a while, try sitting on a yoga mat or a towel for this exercise.

‏”Chapter 10
Side To Side Crunch

Coach Hussam Tips
It may be hard to see in the video but the whole time, my shoulder blades maintain being off the ground. Also, when performing the crunch, concentrate on your obliques when moving from one side holding it tight then concentrate on the other side and repeat.

‏”Chapter 11
Spiderman Plank

Coach Hussam Tips
This movement is much harder than it looks. When your knee comes towards your side, it adds a lot of weight to your plank. Make sure you return back to a full plank position before moving on to the next side. This movement is also a way to make your pushups much harder than traditional pushups.

‏”Chapter 12
Superman Plank

Coach Hussam Tips
Similar to the superhero counterpart spiderman plank, it’s important to return back to the original plank position. If you need to for balance, you can separate your feet wider. Make sure you fully extend your arm out in front which allows you to hold the harder 3 point position for a longer period of time.

‏”Chapter 13
Toe Touch Crunch

Coach Hussam Tips
As you can see in the video, it’s important to keep your legs in the same position. Your legs should have a bend in the knee and your arms should be fully extended. In the movement have your hands follow your shins and try to touch your feet. This exercise could be more difficult if you have some flexibility issues.

‏”Chapter 14
V-Crunch Left

Coach Hussam Tips
In this movement, keep both arms fully extended, hands together the entire time. Both your leg and arms raise simultaneously until they meet at the top in the middle. You can see due to a little inflexibility, my knee bends a bit and meets towards the left of the video. If you can prevent it, all the better.

‏”Chapter 15
V-Crunch Right

Coach Hussam Tips
Just one more note on this. If you are the opposite of me, you may be kicking too hard with your leg and just stretching vs crunching. Just make sure you meet in the exact middle with your hands hitting your feet or shin depending on your body type.

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