The wonders of lemon in strengthening the immune system and losing your weight

‏Lemon is known to be a wonder fruit and widely used in various culinary and medical purposes. Lemon with the aid of salt can do incredible things in losing your weight. Here are some of the benefits of lemon in your diet.

‏Immune System Booster

‏Lemons are known to boost your immune system for it contain a reasonable level of vitamin C and potassium. Drinking lemon water when you get up helps the body absorb those effectively and can also boost your immune system a little. Vitamin C is also good for your adrenal glands and can help to reduce the negative effects of stress.

Aids Healthy Weight

‏”Lemon helps to detoxify your body and flush all the toxins in your body. Drinking enough will increase your metabolism, which leads to faster fat burning and more energy.
‏By helping flush the body and improve digestion, lemon water can lead to cleaner skin. It also contains Vitamin C, which is needed for collagen production for smooth, healthy skin.
‏Now let’s look at the benefits of drinking Himalayan salt in water first thing in the morning. First of all, to get any benefit from this, you must drink a glass of moderately salty water first, followed by a glass of lightly salted water and it must be first thing in the morning.

Natural Cleanser

‏The cleanser of the liver for it naturally aids your body to metabolize fats and flush toxins in your body. While you sleep, your liver is very active as your body takes the time to restore and regenerate. Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning ensures that your body can do this effectively and there is also research that shows that lemon juice acid stimulates the production of bile and stomach acids.

Adrenal Glands

‏Flushing excess salts in your body aids the adrenal glands to perform at optimizing level. When walking, our body raises our blood pressure so that sufficient blood reaches the brain – this is so you don’t blackout when you stand up. That increase in pressure also kicks starts your body. To do this, the brain cells on the adrenals for help in getting adrenaline out into your system. This is a huge task for those adrenals and they can get stressed out. The saltwater raises your blood pressure for a short period of time, thus relieving the pressure on the adrenals. This will result in higher energy levels throughout the day.

A Healthy Digestive System

‏It helps to cleanse your Digestive tract and expel all the toxins that affect your body. A morning salt flush can also cleanse your GI system and flush out all the stagnant matter. This allows your digestive system to work better, absorbing more of the nutrients from your food while using up the loss in the way of energy. Do be aware that this is a cleanse and your system”
‏”should be well and truly cleaned out in the first week but the benefits are well worth it.

Improves your Digestion

‏Lemon in warm water helps indigestion problems. It has the effect of flushing out the digestive systems and rehydrating your body. Unless you get up every hour throughout the night, you have probably gone about 8 hours without drinking and have more than likely be sweating through the night. Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning kick starts both your mind and your body.

‏Hydrating your Body

‏Lemon can also fully rehydrate your body by helping you to detoxify and cleanse your system from excess salts. You should always do this before you eat, as it can help with digestion, get rid of toxins that make your body sluggish and also improves your skin and mental performance. The water is just a small part of hydration; your body also needs the electrolytes and minerals contained in the Himalayan salt.

Skin Enhancer

‏Lemon helps to detoxify your body thus this leads to healthier, happier skin. The vitamin C in the lemon also helps with the production of collagen, which helps to keep your skin looking healthy and smooth.

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