The Problem of Obesity ‏What makes people susceptible to Obesity?

There are many factors that can cause obesity. Obesity is defined as the abnormal gain of weight due to the accumulation of fats in the body. A person is called obese when he gains weight that is greater than the standard range with respect to his height. Of course, this is not a healthy condition for anyone and is among the major concerns nowadays worldwide as it may lead to many other diseases and health problems. The standard range that shows a standard measure of weight-for-height is called BMI (Body Mass Index). As described before, if the BMI of a person is calculated to be 30 or above, the person is called obese. The normal range for BMI is 25 and people falling within this range, are said to have normal weight to height ratio. So,”
World Health Organization concluded that obesity has nearly doubled in the past 30 years and is triggered by a number of factors.
‏Here are the main factors which are concerned as the potential triggers of obesity.

Inappropriate Diet

‏What you eat makes most of what you are. The foremost reason behind obesity is none other than an improper diet. Life has become so busy and hectic for everyone these days. The work schedules do not allow to eat healthier as everyone is in a rush for the work and finds it easier to grab a pack of fast food for lunch or dinner without thinking of the consequences. Fast food is usually rich in too many calories, which adds more fat to your body, and turns your body into the improper mass. Poor diet and poor lifestyle lead to the development of obesity with time. The poor diet may contain the following, which must be avoided and replaced with healthy
‏”full of vitamins and minerals rich food.”
“You should eat freshly cooked vegetables, you should stay away from fats and sugars.”Alcohol intake leads to the accumulation of a lot of fats as alcohol is rich in calories, thus, increase the bodyweight abnormally. Eating desserts after every meal leads to obesity as desserts have a lot of sugar. Eating more than required also makes your body save fats and turns your body out of shape. Eating junk food is one of the basic potential triggers of obesity.
‏For enjoying a healthy and diseases free life, it is important to avoid all the above habits and adopt healthy eating practices. For maintaining normal health, it is necessary to take 2000 to 2500 calories per day. People who take more than this amount of calories become obese as the body saves all the extra calories in the form of fats.

‏Dormant Lifestyle

‏Dormant lifestyle or inactivity is one of the major factors of fat accumulation. Generally, people consume a lot of calories and are unable to burn them properly because of the lack of activity. So, these calories ultimately get stored in the body as fats and this storage of fats leads”
‏”to obesity with time. People who work in offices rarely do any physical activity. They need to work all day in a sitting posture, which is one of the main causes of the storage of the calories they consume. If a person is not doing any regular exercise, nor he prefers walking or cycling overriding the car or motorbike, he is not doing any physical activity and may develop obesity with time.


‏Obesity often runs in the family. Of course, genes are responsible for deciding for us. Certain genes are triggered with specific age and environmental factors when they are already present. It means that the chances of development of obesity in the child of obese parents are more as compared to the child who has lean parents. But, this does not depend entirely on genetics. The researchers have proved that the genes for obesity are only triggered when the environmental factors are favorable for their expression, and the environmental factors here are no other than the eating habits. Poor eating habits may develop the disease in the child of obese parents, but, may not develop it in the child of lean parents. So, when it’s in your genes
‏”you have to be more”
Feel uncomfortable with your diet and eating habits to avoid gaining weight

‏Health factors are

one of the contributors to obesity. Researchers have brought many medicines and ailments into concern that are responsible for the development of obesity.


‏Withdrawal symptoms from quitting smoking can also cause obesity… In this condition, weight is gained as a side effect of the stoppage of smoking, and the person may develop obesity. There are two reasons for this weight gain. First is the sensation of taste. As it becomes better for all the foods, a person starts eating a large quantity of it. The second reason is the burning of fewer calories after the stoppage of the intake of nicotine. This may be justified by the fact that nicotine is responsible for higher the rate of burning calories, and when a person has suddenly stopped the intake of nicotine, the calorie-burning process slows down, which ultimately leads to obesity. However, smoking is injurious”
The body must be kept away from smoking to maintain quality of life.

‏‏Cushing syndrome

‏It is a rare disorder that affects the adrenal glands and the production of cortisone which makes the diseased person obese.


‏Not only medical condition can cause obesity. There are certain medicines that are actively involved in causing obesity, which includes medicines for diabetes, epilepsy, antidepressants, corticosteroids, drugs taken for treatment of schizophrenia, etc. All these medicines intake contributes to weight gain, leading to obesity with time.


‏Hyperthyroidism is a condition that affects thyroid glands. It is the lack of the proper activity of the thyroid gland, which leads to the deficient production of thyroid hormone. In this condition, it is noticed that the body become abnor”
regulation of the calories.


‏Many people are often susceptible to obesity depending on their age group. Age is yet another important factor that leads to obesity. Aging leads to the loss of muscles, especially when there are little activities in life. As a result, muscle loss leads to a decrease in the number of burnt calories as the whole process is affected and decelerates. So, with the increase of age, if the calorie intake is not reduced, the person may gain weight and develop obesity.

‏Obesity and Women

‏Obesity is a common troublesome among women. One of the important reasons for weight gain in women is menopause with age. Women normally gain 5pounds of weight at this stage and develop a dense fat layer around their waist. Yet another important reason is pregnancy in women. During pregnancy, usually, women gain weight as the child is developing and this is the need for the child. But, after giving birth to the baby, they need to breastfeed the baby and are”
‏”unable to maintain their weight back to the normal weight. So, after a few pregnancies, usually, women develop enough fats and become obese.


Sleep is essential in everyday life. Lack of sleep is also one of the potential causes of obesity as this habit makes a person eat more high-calorie food, which leads to the accumulation of fats in the body. Sleep helps to regulate a few of the important hormones, including ghrelin, leptin, and insulin. If these hormones are not properly regulated, a person may develop diabetes and obesity.
‏So, In a nutshell, weight gain can be evaded by taking precautionary measures, which include mostly the ways to evade these risk factors. To enjoy a proper healthy life, it is very important to monitor your weight to standard levels, hence, you can live a happy natural life forever.

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