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Under-eye bags? Instantly reduce under-eye bags by splashing the eyes with cold water and then tapping lightly around the eye area with the middle finger.

Fading tan? Instantly revive a fading tan by exfoliating and then applying a rich tinted moisturizer.
Are you red cheeks making you look like your wearing tomatoes on your face? If so, reduce the redness quickly by applying a mixture of cool cucumber and natural yogurt to the area. Leave on the skin for ten minutes. Remove without rubbing the area.
Cold sore? Dab with a mixture of lemon and salt to reduce the swelling and prevent it from spreading.
Horrible hair day? Give your hair a boost using a treatment wax. Apply to the ends of the hair after shampooing and leave for 20 minutes.
Sunken eyes? Apply a white-colored eye pencil to the inner rim for an instant wide-eyed look.
Feeling bloated? Bathe in a cupful of Epsom salts to reduce bloating and under-skin swelling. You will instantly feel slimmer in your clothes as a result.

Need energy? Blend 5 strawberries with a cup of almond milk, a teaspoon of peanut butter and a banana. Tastes delicious
Dry flaky skin? Give yourself an olive oil mask. Warm some olive oil and apply to the area, careful not to over-heat the oil. Leave for 10 minutes.
Dry hands? Mix a few strawberries with sea salt and a teaspoon of olive oil. Massage into hands for a strawberry jam scrub.
Broken nail? File across and add a strip of varnish down centrally for the nails to appear longer.
Freshen bad breathe instantly. Swish your mouth with a mixture of fresh lemon juice and water then chew on a twig of peppermint”

Colour therapy

Low energy? Wear red to lift you.
Wear sunshine yellow clothes to feel instantly warm and energized. The color yellow will:
increase feelings of energy
clear a busy mind and sharpen memory
help lift mood instantly
Brighten a sad day with the color orange. Wear orange to increase happiness, confidence, feelings of power and to stimulate enthusiasm and creativity.
Cool skin tone? Wear ice blue, ice green, ice pink, purple, lilac, and silver to add some sparkle to your skin tone.
Apply green concealer to red areas such as rosy cheeks and spots to conceal.
To hide pigmentation apply chalky white to the area before applying a natural-toned concealer and foundation. The white will counteract the dark undertones of the pigmentation.
Apply a purple concealer to counteract dark circles found around the eyes then add a lighter shade concealer on top, to lighten the area.
The rule of thumb is when it comes to skin tones: Cool skin tone will have pink, red or blue undertones.​�Warm skin tone has a yellow, peachy, golden undertone. ​�Neutral skin tones are a mix of warm and cool undertones. Compliment your skin tone with make-up.
Feeling low and off-balance

Beauty magic

Almond oil a light carrier oil that is softening, nourishing and calming when applied to the skin.
Aloe vera gel is a powerful healer, soothing to the skin and will act as a humectant.
Apple applied to the skin will hydrate and cleanse the skin. A natural fruit acid, apple will help remove dead skin cells and leave the skin looking fresh and bright.
Avocado is a nourishing natural oil that is easily absorbed into the skin and hair. Use in a face mask.

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